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IFRAME: A Manager’s Guide to Critically Balanced Thinking is no ordinary management book. It’s an innovative guide that allows you to tap into your rational and emotional thought centers to produce high quality decisions and forge long-lasting relationships. Easy-to-understand analysis sections throughout complement the story and explain how to apply each step of the IFRAME. Time-strapped managers will also appreciate the “Why Should I Care?” inserts that provide a no-holds-barred perspective on using the IFRAME at work.

Authors Lorne Kelton and Shawn Ireland take you on a powerful journey through a simple, yet highly effective, six-step process to mastering the art of critical thinking. In this poignant parable you’ll meet Marty Emmerson, a senior executive at Zardon Technologies Group, who discovers the power of paying attention to seemingly insignificant incidents in his personal and professional life. You’ll follow Marty as he confronts long-held assumptions and attempts to apply new meaning to them to create a healthier and more productive work and family environment. Ultimately, you will see how Marty puts his newfound critical thinking skills to use to support and grow his company and his colleagues.

The IFRAME untangles the perceived complexity of critical thinking and provides managers with a practical formula to address the many challenges inherent in today’s demanding work environments.

In Praise of IFRAME


"A gem of a book with an interesting narrative that provides a clear, concise approach to the application of critical thinking in the decision-making process. Easy to implement at any managerial level."
Michael Friisdahl, CEO, Thomas Cook North America


"Kelton and Ireland have crafted a very readable and quite useful book that brings us back to the realization that the quality of one’s thought process is one of the fundamentals for success in any managerial endeavour. It’s essential reading for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their professional relationships."
Steve Matyas, President, Staples Business Depot


"Once in a while a book comes along that challenges traditional thinking. Kelton & Ireland’s thought leadership provides insight into what it means to be an effective manager."
Stephen Yeap, Managing Director, Orion Consulting, Singapore