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Successful leaders and managers have one thing in common – they learn by doing and by applying their experience in their day to day activities. Those experiences, however, are often influenced and shaped by long held assumptions and biases that can color a manager’s judgment and therefore the quality of their decision making. Faulty logic often leads to lower productivity levels and compromised work relationships.

The challenge has not been a lack of interest or even effort on the part of managers but rather the lack of an effective method to address the myriad of contradictions and frustrations that stand in the way of thinking critically.

The IFRAME workshop teaches a deceptively simple and easy to use six-step framework that guides you through the critical thinking process. Each step represents a milestone in the journey to become critically self-aware—to see the link between assumptions and the quality of the decisions we make. The workshop offers you a way to incorporate critical thinking skills into your professional and personal worlds.

Critical Thinking Process

learning outcomes

This one-day workshop will provide you with the tools and insights necessary to master the art of critically balanced thinking. Specifically, you will learn:

who should attend the workshop?

The IFRAME workshop has been designed specifically for:

Anyone who manages people or resources will benefit from the IFRAME workshop and will see marked improvements in the quality of their decision making and professional relationships.

For more information on how the IFRAME workshop can benefit your organization, please contact us at: